Slam Dunk? | Vaping Industry Confronts Opponents at White House | RegWatch (Live)

It was a pinnacle moment for the U.S. vaping industry. At the White House on Friday, vaping industry leaders met face-to-face with anti-vaping opponents, public-health advocates and President Trump in what was billed as a “listening session” to address the surge in underage vaping. Issues concerning flavors (including a flavor ban) captivated the discussion and provided for much of the disagreement.

President Trump did more than just listen he also led the conversation, demonstrating a significant understanding of the importance of flavors to adult vapers and for the success of the industry.

In this episode of RegWatch get critical insights and reactions from inside the meeting with session participant and leading industry rep Tony Abboud, the Executive Director of the Vapor Technology Association, and Jon Glauser, VTA Executive Board Member and industry powerhouse.

Was the meeting a slam dunk? Find out!

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Streamed: Sunday, November 24, 2019
Produced by: Brent Stafford

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