Wrong Turn? | Researcher Reflects on Health Canada’s Vape Restrictions | RegWatch

As discussed on RegWatch over the past year, it appears Health Canada is taking a wrong turn on nicotine vaping.

In a few short years, the regulatory framework, which legalized vaping, seems to have collapsed under the weight of a moral panic over teen vaping and malicious public health messaging linking nicotine vapes to a mysterious respiratory illness.

Dr. Jonathan Foulds, Professor of Public Health Sciences and Psychiatry at PennState University College of Medicine is joining us today to provide insight on the recent restrictions placed on vaping in Canada.

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Released: June 10, 2022
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Part of our “Last Stand” Canada coverage

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  1. “even those that tried it not intending to quit, completely quit smoking.”

    i fall into that category, i didnt want to quit smoking i was so entirely addicted to it smoking 2-3 packs a day. when lockdowns forced cheaper markets to close i had to look for an alternative cuz spending upwards of $45/day for cigarettes was not feasible. i switched to a vuse pod system with 57mg nic per ml watermelon flavor and used that for a little over a year. after that 1st year i entirely stopped dual using and refuse to go back to combustibles, and even after that 1st month i could DRAMATICALLY feel the improvement in my lungs.

    i went from 2-3 packs a day to 2-4ml of eliquid and have never felt better ending that 20+ year habit.

  2. Hi Matthew, thanks tons for your comment. So many of our viewers have shared similar stories. Myself, I was spending $32/Day on smokes when I quit, and it’s been a great boon to my health and pocketbook. Keep it up! b…


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