The Canadian government has published a document titled “Towards a Canadian evidence base to inform action to prevent and control vaping in Canada”.

The authors express their worries about teenage vaping, but in doing so they ignore the findings of a recent Montreal-based longitudinal study.

Published on the government’s website, Cynthia Callard, Thierry Gagné, and Jennifer O’Loughlin talk about an “upsurge” in vaping, “rapidly changing technologies, shifting usage patterns and contradictory evidence”.

What is shocking is that the trio admit a wholesale lack of “homegrown evidence”, instead relying on “the experience of and evidence in other countries”. No wonder then that instead of promising so much in the beginning, Canada has veered off course and begun to mirror the evidence-free hysteria from south of the border.

For some reason, they worry about the “mind-boggling diversity of the online e-cigarette market in Canada in terms of nicotine concentration, availability of higher-concentration salt-base nicotine products, and flavours”. Some may wonder if they are reduced to tears when entering a supermarket and seeing the range of products available for sale.

Read full article here.

Dave Cross – Planet of the Vapes – 2022-02-04.

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