Ontario’s campus free speech policy is worthless. The woke crowd knows they can censor and harass their ideological opponents with impunity — and they are

In a recent C2C Journal article, my colleague at Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU), Prof. David Millard Haskell, wrote about the widespread censorship taking place at Canadian universities.

As Haskell’s article showed through empirical research and numerous examples, students and faculty who challenge progressive claims are being harassed by student mobs and punished by administrators.

Yet Haskell’s article only reveals the tip of the iceberg: the high-profile, public cases. Each year there are hundreds of cases of ideologically motivated censorship and harassment that are invisible to the public. Because I belong to the Society for Academic Freedom and Scholarship (SAFS), an organization that fights for ideological diversity on campus, I often hear these untold stories.

As an example, a colleague of mine at another Ontario university recently received a letter from her dean admonishing her for her social media content. A few students in her program had complained that the content “harmed them” and made them “feel unsafe.” One of their complaints was that the professor had cited a published study on gender dysphoria.

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William McNally – Special to National Post – 2021-07-21.

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