BARACK Obama admitted he sometimes smoked nine cigarettes a day when he was in the White House, and only quit when his daughter Malia caught him.

The former president, 59, made the admission in his forthcoming memoir, A Promised Land, which details his early political career up through his first term in the White House.

Early excerpts from the book, due out on November 17, also detail the strain the presidency had on his relationship with his wife, Michelle.

Obama admitted that the stress of the job made it difficult for him to kick his habit, according to CNN, and he’d sometimes smoke eight, nine or even ten cigarettes a day.

The former president admitted he would often look for a “discreet location to grab an evening smoke.”

He wrote that Malia, now 22, got him to quit after she “frowned” at him after “smelling a cigarette on my breath.”

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Laura Gesualdi-Gilmore – The U.S. Sun – Nov 14, 2020.

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