WeedMD designs its first recreational brand to let consumers explore outside of “use cases” popular with the competition.

WeedMD – a licensed producer that has built its brand in medical cannabis – has made its entry into the recreational side of the market, launching Color as a brand that aims to help Canadian consumers find a full palette of experiences with its products.

A major trope in the lead up to and in the early days of cannabis legalization was education, with licensed producers and retailers looking to guide consumers unfamiliar with cannabis. Some of those efforts focused on specific use cases for when it would be best to use different strains, such as relaxing after work, promoting better sleep, spurring creativity and enjoying time with friends.

Color was designed to be less prescriptive and more open-ended, doing away with those use cases in favour of keeping its design open-ended and encouraging consumers to draw from their own experiences, perspectives and preferences to guide them to which products to use and when to use them.

Kait Wilson, who was hired as director of marketing at WeedMD in January, says the brand was built to reflect the insight that “the world is not black and white” and that cannabis is a unique experience for everyone. Scientifically, it can affect people differently, but consumers also have their own preferences for how and when they might want to use it.

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By Josh Kolm – Strategy Magazine – July 16, 2019.

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