Makers of the popular disposable e-cigarette brand BIDI® Stick unveiled nearly a dozen new flavor names as direct translations from its previous flavors, a move researchers say appears designed to subvert future restriction on the sale of flavored disposable e-cigarettes.

The new “concept” flavors – vague non-characterizing descriptions on packaging that do not expressly refer to flavors – include “Marigold” (formerly “Icy Mango”), “Arctic” (“Mint Freeze”), and “Solar” (“Berry Blast”), among others.

The use of concept flavors aligns with historic tactics of modifying product characteristics, labeling or packaging to maintain sales and subvert flavor restrictions designed to deter youth use, according to research published in Tobacco Control by Truth Initiative and the National Opinion Research Center that examines the move.

Concept flavors pose a challenge for enforcement of flavored tobacco restrictions, as they can make it difficult for enforcement agencies to determine whether a tobacco product meets the legal definition of a flavored tobacco product.

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Truth Initiative – 2021-07-07.

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