The FDA just took a significant step toward killing the vaping industry. While ostensibly acting to “protect public health,” the agency has effectively banned millions of products and made it harder for smokers to give up their deadly habit.

Did you quit smoking with the help of an electronic cigarette like I did? The FDA is unimpressed with your progress toward a healthier lifestyle.

On September 9, the agency refused to grant marketing approval for millions of vaping products, effectively outlawing them. The agency’s actions are nonsensical, unscientific, and politically motivated, as we’ll see below. But the truly tragic aspect of this development is that it will incentivize many smokers to continue in their deadly habit when a far safer alternative is available.

The regulatory details are complicated, but here are the basics. Manufacturers of tobacco products had to submit a Pre-Market Tobacco Application (PMTA) for every product they began selling after February 15, 2007.

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Cameron English – American Council on Science and Health – 2021-09-16.

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