Inflation. Unemployment. Supply-Chain Disruptions. Debt Ceilings. Pandemics. And that just describes the last few months.

Economic anxiety is gripping every American; the last thing we need is our leaders in Washington finding ways to make life even more expensive.

President Biden campaigned on not raising taxes on Americans making less than $400,000 a year, yet his party in Congress is pushing for a tax and spend plan that would break that pledge. In September, Democrats proposed increasing the tax on tobacco, nicotine, and vapor products.

It’s bad enough that this regressive tax will fall disproportionately on Americans whose income falls under the administration’s definition of “the rich.” But just a few weeks after the tax was announced, the Food and Drug Administration, for the first time, authorized the sale of an e-cigarette because they found the “potential benefit to smokers who switch completely or significantly reduce their cigarette use…”

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Amanda Wheeler – Arizona Daily Independent – 2021-11-16.

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