Australian vapers could see a reprieve of the government’s move to ban e-cigarettes and refills – as two rogue politicians lead a revolt against the plan. 

Fines of up to $220,000 will be enforced from July 1 on people who are caught importing e-cigarettes or refills containing nicotine liquids or salts.

Retailers and users of e-cigarettes had previously turned to buying the products from overseas after their sale was banned within Australia.

Queensland MPs Matthew Canavan and George Christensen have launched a petition against the plan, saying they want to see the products regulated rather than banned. The petition, citing evidence from the UK that vaping is a safer alternative to cigarettes, has received more than 40,000 signatures since being launched on Wednesday.  The petition claims that prohibiting access to a ‘commonly used’ product could create more problems.

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Brett Lackey – Daily Mail Australia – June 24, 2020.

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