“Oh, how the goalposts do move. To suggest that LNG Canada should be exempted from future increases in the carbon tax because it is the cleanest in the world … it’s not. It’s nowhere close.”

As the enabling legislation for the LNG Canada deal was approved this week, Finance Minister Carole James acknowledged New Democrats were answerable for how the terms matched principles they laid out in the last election.

“Will we be held accountable for this decision? No question,” said James in the final moments of debate Thursday afternoon. “It’s why I felt so strongly about the four conditions that we put in place.”

The conditions being the ones sent out in the party election platform. James insisted all four had been met. But on closer examination the platform could have included one of those disclaimers you find on patent medicines: “Actual results may vary from the claims made for this product.”

Here’s a point-by-point breakdown of what the New Democrats promised in Opposition and what they delivered in government:

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Vaughn Palmer – Vancouver Sun – April 8, 2019.

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