New Paper Calls for “Middle-Ground” Approach to Vaping Regulation


Four highly regarded tobacco control scholars are calling for a policy agenda on e-cigarettes that balances curbing youth use with promoting vaping products as tools that can help adult smokers switch to safer nicotine alternatives.

Their agenda—which consists of making e-cigarettes more easily and cheaply available than cigarettes, but also of reducing cigarettes’ nicotine content and banning a range of flavored vaping and tobacco products—is certain to draw criticism both from anti-nicotine zealots and tobacco harm reduction proponents.

In a short paper appearing in Health Affairs, a leading, peer-reviewed health policy journal, Kenneth Warner, Cliff Douglas and Karalyn Kiessling, all of the University of Michigan, and Alex Liber of Georgetown University acknowledge that many Americans remain confused about the relative harms of nicotine use, and that public messaging around the substance tends to be much more focused on stopping youth use than educating adults.

Read full article here.

Alex Norcia – Filter – 2022-09-07.

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