New research reveals dangers of vapes, e-cigarettes


Vaping or e-cigarettes are a gateway to traditional smokes, according to new Australian research.

A team at the Australian National University reviewed the results of close to 200 studies. It concluded non-smokers who vape are three times as likely to take up regular smokes than those who do not.

Vapes can deliver nicotine by heating a liquid and turning it into a fine spray for inhalation rather than burning tobacco like regular smokes.

But lead researcher Professor Emily Banks said bottom line, vapes are harmful.

“We reviewed the global evidence about e-cigarettes and the bottom line is that they’re harmful for non-smokers and particularly for young people.

“We found they increase the risk of addiction, poisoning, injuries and burns, lung injury, and one of the other problems we’ve got is we don’t know what they do to a lot of major health conditions like cancer and cardiovascular disease.”

That was when compared with not smoking at all, she said.

“When we look at the issue for smokers, we find there’s limited evidence that they help smokers to quit.

“But what we would see in that group is, but for those people who can’t quit by any other means, then using e-cigarettes to quit smoking promptly and completely may well be beneficial.”

Her team reviewed 25 studies from around the world and “every single one of those studies showed that non-smokers who use e-cigarettes are more likely to go on to become smokers than non-smokers who don’t use these cigarettes.

Read full article here. – 2022-04-14

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