New research from the American Cancer Society underscores the importance of breaking the habit as a young adult

Kicking a smoking habit at any age reduces the risk of dying from lung cancer, but smokers who quit as young adults significantly lower their risk of dying from lung and other tobacco-related cancers, new data shows.

In a study involving more than 400,000 Americans, the rate of cancer death among smokers – especially from lung cancer – was three times higher than nonsmokers. But smokers who quit by age 45 reduced their excess risk by 89%. And those who managed to kick the habit by age 35 completely eliminated it.

The researchers from the American Cancer Society said their findings emphasize the importance of quitting as early as possible. Still, principal scientist Blake Thomson stressed that it is never too late to quit.

Quitting between ages 45-54 reduced risk by 78%, the study found. Doing so between ages 55-64 cuts it by 56%.

The age people begin smoking also has an impact on their cancer mortality. The study found people who started smoking before age 18 had at least three times the risk of dying from cancer. And people who started before age 10 had quadruple the risk.

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Tracey Romero – PhillyVoice – 2021-10-25.

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