Researchers Expose the Pitiful Quality of Highly Cited Vaping Studies


Research on the safety and efficacy of vaping has been hotly contested for over a decade.

The two sides are neatly drawn. Pro-vapers routinely cite researchers who report that vaping is vastly safer than smoking and helps people quit.

The anti-vapers cite research that disputes those results.

So what’s going on and who is right? An international team of researchers examined the 24 vaping studies, published in scientific journals, that were “most read and most cited in other literature and policy discussions,” according to the Google algorithm.

The majority were conducted in the US—with subjects such as smoking initiation, respiratory issues, and smoking reduction and cessation among vapers. The large majority had findings that seemed to weigh against the case for vaping as harm reduction.

Read full article here.

Helen Redmond – Filter – 2022-03-31.

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