Most legal joints are sold in only two sizes — and they’re larger than average. Smaller pre-roll cones are popular in the U.S., so why aren’t Canadian producers buying them?

With a few exceptions, most legal pre-rolls sold in Canada contain either 0.5 grams or a full gram of cannabis. Statistically, this makes them larger than the average joint.

A 2016 paper published by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found the average size of a joint was 0.32 grams — 36% smaller than standard Canadian pre-rolls.

Another study published in 2017 found cannabis users also tend to wildly overestimate how much weed they use when rolling a joint. When participants were asked to estimate how much cannabis they put in a joint, 24 participants estimated the joints they rolled had as much as 9/10 of a gram in them. In reality, none of the joints had more than 0.44 grams of weed. On average, participants overestimated the weight by a factor of two.

So are Canadian pre-rolls simply too big? Is our idea of what a joint is bigger than the joints themselves? Are our eyes writing cheques our lungs can’t cash?

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Kieran Delamont – – July 8, 2019.

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