SMOKING is a habit that many of us wish we could pack in and scientists have now revealed the best way for you to stub cigarettes out for good.

Nicotine replacements have previously been hailed as one of the best ways to stop smoking, but researchers now say e-cigarettes do a better job.

Experts at Queen Mary University in London enrolled 137 smokers onto a study who had previously been unable to stop smoking with conventional treatments.

The participants were given either an eight week supply of nictotine replacements of their choice, or an e-cigarette starter pack.

The starter pack came complete with instructions on how to buy other e-liquids of flavours and strengths, depending on personal preference.

The participants were also given minimal behaviour support to help them quit smoking.

The experts found a significant difference in smoking reduction (including quitting altogether) in the group who had been given the e-cigarettes.

After six months, 27 per cent of people in the e-cigarette group had reduced their smoking intake by at least half – this is compared to six per cent of those in the nicotine replacement group.

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Terri-Ann Williams – The Sun – 2021-06-29.

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