If anyone is taking suggestions for the most underreported story of the past six months (and the months that follow), CASAA would like to nominate “The Growing Number of Seasoned Tobacco Control Professionals Questioning the Unrelenting Attack on Vaping and THR.”

The latest entry into the chorus of people challenging the near-puritanical approach to tobacco and nicotine policy comes from Clifford Douglas, J.D., formerly the American Cancer Society’s Vice President for Tobacco Control, and founder and director of the ACS’s Center for Tobacco Control.

By way of background, Mr. Douglas made a career out of his passion for helping underserved communities and society at-large confront the epidemic of smoking. His involvement in tobacco control began in the mid-80s, shortly after the already entrenched anti-tobacco forces snuffed out an ad campaign for making what they claimed to be a modified risk statement about Skoal smokeless tobacco (“Take a Pinch instead of a Puff,” 1984). As noted in his letter, Mr. Douglas has devoted 33 years to this cause.

Some in the vaping community may remember Mr. Douglas for his role in updating the American Cancer Society’s position statement on e-cigarettes (“ACS to Clinicians: Vaping is an acceptable last resort…” CASAA, 2018).

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Tobacco Harm Reduction News – March 8, 2021.

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