After San Francisco approved a similar ban, teen smoking rates increased.

After San Francisco banned adults from purchasing flavored tobacco and vaping products in 2018, a funny thing happened. Teen smoking rates increased.

Now, two other major California cities are considering similar bans. Like San Francisco’s, the proposed measures in Los Angeles and San Jose are backed by vocal advocates who argue that candy- and fruit-flavored electronic cigarettes and tobacco products (which minors are already prohibited from legally purchasing) are tempting kids to get addicted to nicotine.

“The tobacco industry continues to lure kids with flavored products, and today’s young people are the next generation of smokers,” John Maa, a board member of the American Heart Association, told the San José Spotlight in June, when the ban was first brought before the city council.

The city council in San Jose is set to consider the ban sometime this month after postponing a planned vote in June. Meanwhile, Los Angeles is drafting its own flavor ban ordinance, and it will likely be brought before the city council before the end of the month.

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Eric Boehm – Reason – 2021-09-06.

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