UK vaping needs to mobilize now if it is to fight off a World Health Organization proposal of a total UK vaping ban of ‘open systems‘ and even e-liquid flavours.

The warning comes from the New Nicotine Alliance that says the WHO’s plan is “no empty threat“.

It warns that complacency from vapers and the vaping industry could lead to the UK Government doing an about turn and following the WHO’s proposal.

Scary times indeed for us all, and more from the NNA in a moment.

OK, take a breath, however, you can’t fail to have noticed the UK and indeed world media is filled with stories suggesting the UK is about to ban vaping.

Check out my article UK Vape Ban? Nope Just the WHO Being Reckless and Stupid As Usual… for more background.

Read full article here.

Neil Humber – Ecigclick – March 3, 2021.

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