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Déjà Vu | New Alarm Over Youth Vaping in Canada | RegWatch (Live)

Caught in a state of perpetual motion, the War on Vaping powers on this week with yet another alarming television news report from Canada’s...

Reckless Regulator | FDA Leaves U.S. Vaping Industry Mired in Chaos | RegWatch (Live)

Join RegWatch for a special live episode to unpack the reckless behaviour of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in its decision to delay...

Risk Reaction | Tobacco Control Experts Call for Re-Think on Vaping | RegWatch

It is a remarkable development in the contentious debate over nicotine vaping. A group of influential tobacco control experts authored a paper, published in...

‘Last Stand’ Special | Challenging Health Canada’s War on Vaping | RegWatch (Live)

It’s not an exaggeration to say Health Canada‘s proposed ban on flavours in nicotine vaping products will push hundreds of thousands of Canadians back...

Punishing Result | Health Canada Unwinds Legal Vaping | RegWatch (Live)

Just three years after the legalization of nicotine vaping products in Canada a slate of new regulations, which includes a national flavour ban, nicotine...



Juul Ban | Consumer Impact & Industry Future | RegWatch

Since nicotine vapes first hit the market in 2007,...

FDA to Order Juul E-Cigarettes off U.S. Market | WSJ News Exclusive

The Food and Drug Administration is preparing to order...

Canada Gazette, Part 1, Volume 156, Number 25: Vaping Products Reporting Regulations

Vaping Products Reporting Regulations REGULATORY IMPACT ANALYSIS STATEMENT (This statement is...