“Surprise Switcheroo” | Industry Legal Challenge to FDA Denial Orders | RegWatch

The fight to save vaping in the United States appeared almost over when FDA issued Marketing Denial Orders to over 300 vaping product manufacturers, thus requiring more than 5-million vaping products to be taken off the market.

But dozens of vape companies fought back, launching legal action against FDA.

Today on RegWatch, hear from Eric Heyer, partner at the law firm Thompson Hine and litigator behind many of the court challenges on behalf of major U.S. vape manufacturers. Learn why several vape companies have been granted judicial stays on their Marketing Denial Orders, which means these producers can continue to sell their vape products while lawsuits remain active.

Could the industry stave off disaster? Find out.

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Released: February 17, 2022
Produced by Brent Stafford

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