Big Vape | Issues & Impacts of the War on Vaping | RegWatch (Live)

At no other time has the nicotine vaping industry faced such intense controversy. Under fire for the so-called youth vaping “epidemic” and besieged from all sides over the gross allegation that it’s responsible for the so-called “vaping-related” lung illness—the industry is in a fight for its very survival.

While faced with these challenges the industry has fractured into essentially two camps: the open-systems segment that spawned and nurtured the industry, and the closed-pod systems segment, such as Juul, that have exploded in popularity, and which some say, are responsible for the rise in youth use.

In this special edition of RegWatch we are joined by Daniel David the President & CEO of VITA, the Vaping Industry Trade Association of Canada. In September, several vaping companies, including Juul, Imperial Tobacco Canada, which sells the Vype e-cigarette, and JTI Canada joined forces to launch the new trade organization.

What is VITA’s mission? What are its positions on issues such as flavours, advertising and point-of-sale marketing restrictions, nicotine caps and much more?

Find out, only on RegWatch by

Streamed: November 21, 2019
Produced by: Brent Stafford

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