Broken Policy | Will Vaping Survive COVID19? | RegWatch (Live)

*Canadian UpdatE – It’s week six of the COVID19 shutdown and across the board, vaping is taking a beating. Denied (in most areas) the “essential service” designation, vape shops have had to move to curbside transactions, online-only sales, or close the doors entirely. Many vapers have lost access to essential products and governments just don’t seem to care.

In Quebec, the challenge to vaping is starker, as the provincial government escalates its war on vaping to a point where a complete ban is not only possible but probable.

In this episode of RegWatch, we are joined by the Canadian Vaping Association’s executive director and lead advocate Darryl Tempest for a complete update (provincial and federal) about the impact COVID19 is having on vaping in Canada.

We’ll discuss how vaping opponents are using Coronavirus to amplify efforts to destroy the virtues of vaping. And, we’ll examine how chief provincial public health officers are furthering the hysteria against vaping by advising smokers and vapers to quit or cut back amid the pandemic.

Will vaping survive COVID19?

Find out, only on RegWatch by

Live Streamed: April 20, 2020

Produced by: Brent Stafford

This episode is supported by: DVINE LABS & FLAVOUR CRAFTERS

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