Conflated Harm | Dr. Polosa Talks Truth About Vaping and Lung Heath | RegWatch (Live)

Joining us on RegWatch is Dr. Riccardo Polosa the world’s foremost researcher on nicotine vaping and its effects on the lung and respiratory system.

Dr. Polosa is a Respiratory Physician, professor, and Director of the Institute for Internal Medicine & Clinical Immunology at the University of Catania, Italy.

Dr. Polosa is an expert in lung disease and over numerous studies, his research provides clinical evidence supporting the health benefits of vaping; not only to reduce harm but in some cases, even reverse the harm caused by smoking.

What does he think about the CDC sponsored smear campaign that falsely implicated nicotine vaping as a cause of the deadly lung-illness? What does science say about the relative harms (and benefits) of vaping on the lung? And, is the damage done to vaping’s reputation permanent?

Find out on RegWatch, by

Live Streamed: January 14, 2020

Produced by: Brent Stafford

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