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The Canadian vaping industry heads into the Christmas holiday on a knife-edge following a flurry of newly announced rules and restrictions that are intended to stem the rise of youth use of vaping products and upon learning that of the one thousand specialty vape stores inspected by Health Canada during the past 6-months, more than eighty percent were found to be selling and promoting products in violation of the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act.

Major contraventions found by Health Canada include the promotion of vaping products through testimonials or endorsements and the promotion of flavours that are appealing to youth.

All told the number of infractions is mind-blowing. In just 6-months Health Canada seized over 80,000 units of non-compliant vaping product from specialty vape stores across the country. During the same time, the industry was fighting to free itself from accusations that it targets youth and that vaping kills.

Failure to comply with the legislation that made vaping legal is more than a black eye for the industry, it could prove devastating to relationships with the regulator, politicians and the public.

In this special edition of RegWatch Darryl Tempest from the Canadian Vaping Association explains just how big of a mess the industry may be in and the steps that are needed in order to fight its way out.

Is vaping a failed harm reduction experiment in Canada?

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Streamed: December 20, 2019
Produced by: Brent Stafford

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