Got it Wrong | Pressure Mounts on Health Canada to Buckle on Vaping | RegWatch (Live)

By now it should be clear to all observers that politicians, public health officials, non-profit health groups and the national media are joined in common cause to force Health Canada into abject retreat on vaping.

The endgame is a complete policy reversal on the regulations allowing adult access and choice to vaping products in Canada.

But more than just a U-turn, opponents appear to be demanding from Health Canada an admission that the agency, concerning the science on vaping, ‘got it wrong’ and miscalculated the health risks, impact of flavors on youth use, and the hazards of nicotine.

The pressure campaign is in full swing behind the scenes in Ottawa and supported by legislatures and public health groups from across the country. It’s out in full public view, propagated by activists in the media, such as Kelly Crowe from the CBC and Carly Weeks at the Globe and Mail; to name just a few.

In this edition of RegWatch we are joined by David Sweanor, Ottawa lawyer, renowned tobacco-control policy expert and harm reduction advocate. We’ll dive into the issues and ask: What and who is driving this train towards total abstinence and what if anything could be done to stop it?

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Streamed: December 3, 2019
Produced by: Brent Stafford

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  1. Please, most of us out here, know without a doubt, it’s about M O N E Y! That’s all. All the right words, and points for health are well received, but it’s about the above, ONLY!


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