Nasty Brew | Upending of BC Wine, Beer and Liquor Laws w. Bill Tieleman

Few regulations anger Canadians more than those that deal with alcohol. The politics around liquor regulation is at times a nasty brew of taxation, protectionism and good old fashion moralization.

Mix in political pandering to big business, shake with entrenched unionized labour and garnish with a never-ending dose of consumer frustration and there you have the state of B.C.’s liquor laws.

Join us for an in-depth conversation with Bill Tieleman, one of B.C.’s top political commentators and long-time B.C. NDP strategist and hear his predictions on how grocery store sales will impact choice, price and local beer and wine producers. Plus, what are the challenges ahead for the B.C.G.E.U. and does the alliance with private liquor retailers for recreational marijuana make sense–only on RegWatch by – December 15, 2015.

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