Prohibition | How Drug War Tactics Could Crush Vaping | RegWatch (Live)

Every attempt to isolate a cause to explain the war on vaping faces its difficulties, as no cause is entirely defective in explanation, yet neither is any satisfyingly sufficient to explain the level of hysteria engulfing the nation.

Clues are best found by examining similar phenomenon and terrifyingly, there’s no better example than the decades-long battle in the “War on Drugs.”

In this edition of RegWatch we’re joined by Ethan Nadelmann, founder and former director of the Drug Policy Alliance and member of the advisory board of the Open Society Foundation’s Global Drug Policy Project.

For decades Nadelmann led the fight to end the “War on Drugs,” so he knows all too well the dehumanizing, slanderous, coercive tactics used by moral crusaders. Today he sees those same tactics deployed against vaping; raising his ire and compelling him to join the fight.

What are the similarities between the “War on Drugs” and the “War on Vaping?” And, could the vaping battle be lost?

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Streamed: December 10, 2019
Produced by: Brent Stafford

This episode is supported by: Demand Vape

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