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There’s no doubt the U.S. vaping industry faces a public perception problem of gargantuan proportions.

While advocates maintain (and research backs up) that vaping is a safer alternative to smoking, everyday anti-vaping forces meet continued success in their effort to permanently poison the public understanding of vaping.

Compounding the problem is a simple fact: vapers are not a monolithic group drawn from one political perspective or party. How then should the vaping movement activate politically in this U.S. presidential election in order to meet what is clearly is a political threat i.e. flavor bans, taxation, and other onerous regulations?

Joining us today on RegWatch is Matt Culley, a prominent vaping activist and virtuoso of vaping product review videos on YouTube. Known as Matt From SMM, he’s amassed near 300,000 subscribers and 60 million video views. Culley is one of the first product reviewer superstars to venture into the vaping advocacy space, bringing a strong ethical voice and his support for progressive values to bear.

Is there a winning message to persuade politicians and the public about the virtues of vaping?

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Live Streamed: June 24, 2020

Sr. Producer: Cindy Schmidt
Exec. Producer: Brent Stafford

This episode is supported by: DEMAND VAPE

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  1. The whole ANTZ movement will collapse by the end of the year. They’ve already overexerted on the harm scaremongering, thus resorted to the emotional pressure. But now that there are flavour bans in some states, adult AND youth smoking will rebound. (There’s only one possible outcome to getting teens reaccustomed to tobacco-flavoured stuff, and that is reducing the reluctance and barrier to entry.)

    So it’s time to expropriate one of their arguments, before they pin it on vaping at large. “Protecting the kids from tobacco flavours” is what we should be seeding now.


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