It’s not often hypocrisy reveals itself in such crystal clear detail.

During a typical day of reviewing articles for curation to RegWatch, we came across a Science Daily post exclaiming: Exposure to second-hand e-cigarettes increasing among young people. While the article appears to accurately report the findings of the study, it fails to mention what impact this exposure has, in any way, on the young people it alleges are exposed to second-hand vape. This lack of detail is sadly typical.

However, this omission is not what caught our eye.

What screamed out from this post were the two ads for JUUL that adorned the header and sidebar of Science Daily.

Science Daily is a pernicious publisher of suspect science on vaping. These ads no doubt are a result of third-party ad insertion, but still, Science Daily has the ability to set parameters that would exclude advertising from e-cigarette companies. It is clear they have not chosen to exclude vaping ads. One has to wonder how much revenue has Science Daily earned from e-cigarette companies over the past year? How have they managed the push-back from their readers who have seen these ads?

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