Slice & Dice | Vape Crusader Fights Toe-To-Toe | RegWatch (Live)

He’s a secret, wrapped up in an enigma, and smothered in secret sauce. Who is he?

Mike Peterson from “Vaping and the Mic” describes him as “the onion chef of Twitter.” says his “gritty distinctive style is ever-readable.” And THR advocate Ivanna Awrey exclaims: “Bless your crankiness, Kevin Crowley!”

Joining us today for a special edition of RegWatch is the man himself, Kevin Crowley. The founder of the most-comprehensive pro-vaping resource on the web: The sharp edge on the @Vapingit Twitter account. And the man whose work advocating for vaping is so impactful, researchers mistake him as a bot. Yes, a bot!

This conversation could go anywhere, don’t miss it!

Live Streamed: June 25, 2020

Sr. Producer: Cindy Schmidt
Exec. Producer: Brent Stafford

This episode is supported by: DVINE – FLAVOUR CRAFTERS – VAPE NATION

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