Stained Legacy | San Francisco Abandons Principles w. E-Cig Flavor Ban

In a single vote political leaders in San Francisco tarnished the city’s hard-fought reputation for compassion and caring. In late June, San Francisco Board of Supervisors hurried through new regulation banning all flavors in e-juice, with the exception of tobacco flavors. It appeared to be a callous act.

Numerous appeals were made by those seeking to remind the Board of Supervisors, of San Francisco’s historic legacy of progressive action and commitment to the principles of Harm Reduction.

Why did the message fail to get through?

Join our discussion with Damon L. Jacobs, psychotherapist and one of the country’s most influential voices in HIV/AIDS prevention. Jacobs is a harm reduction specialist with deep ties to San Francisco’s activist community.

Did San Francisco abandon its principles? Find out—only on RegWatch by – July 18, 2017.


Flavors Banned! – San Francisco Drops Hammer on Vaping

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  1. Ok so where was Trump I thought he was supporting vaping how does this happen wait I know
    Business people and politicians both talk shit saying something and then doing the complete opposite let’s see what happens next


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