Suspect Science | Vaping Suffers Most, Find Out Why | RegWatch (Live)

*Dr. Chris Lalonde, expert in research methodology, unpacks Glantz Study Scandal & Responds to Ontario Vaping Restrictions

Is the science on vaping settled? It’s an interesting question since the answer on either side of the debate is a resounding yes! For vapers, vaping saves lives and after a decade of use—there are 40-million vapers across the world—vaping has proven to be “shown safe.” Yet if you are one of the uncalculatable numbers of public health workers, academic researchers or a regional mouthpiece for a non-profit health group, then you believe vaping is deadly and a scourge of modern-day society.

In the wake of the Stanton Glantz study scandal, Dr. Chris Lalonde Professor of Psychology at the University of Victoria and harm reduction advocate returns to RegWatch to examine the how’s and why’s of suspect science and its impact on the vaping debate in Canada.

Who’s anti-science?

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Live Streamed: February 29, 2020
Produced by: Brent Stafford

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