Targeting Kids | CBC Pushes Anti-Vape Agenda on Youth | RegWatch (Live)

Over the past few weeks, Canadians have been witness to a textbook propaganda campaign championed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in what appears to be an all-out assault on vaping.

In early December the CBC, which is Canada’s publicly funded national broadcaster, unleashed a barrage of news articles, and radio and television stories and interviews under a series titled “Vape Fail.”

Based on CBC’s obvious and grossly one-sided reporting, it’s clear the Vape Fail series is intended to poison public perception of traditional nicotine vaping and to undermine public confidence in the public policy enacted by the Federal Liberal government and implemented by Health Canada when vaping became legal in 2018.

Egregiously the CBC, via its Kids News platform, is not only targeting youth with anti-vaping propaganda but it’s also enrolling youth to deliver the CBC’s message. And, what is that message? Well, vaping is deadly of course and the government failed in protecting our kids.

In this episode, Dr. Mark Tyndall an international expert in public health, harm reduction and drug policy joins RegWatch to discuss CBC’s Vape Fail campaign and much more.

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Streamed: December 16, 2019
Produced by: Brent Stafford

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     Please include a link to download this video, got to pass this video around. Since youtube and cbc removed it because they do not want the population to see this; other words, nefarious censorship. ???

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