World Vape Day | Vaping Advocacy Marshals Forces | RegWatch (Live)

It’s a worldwide day of action in support of a technology that millions of former smokers’ credit for saving their lives.

May 30 is World Vape Day and in this episode of RegWatch we speak with Tristan Thompson, head of the Vaping Legion, and Board President of the United Vapers Alliance to recap the events of #WorldVapeDay and learn how vaping advocacy is marshaling its forces for the fight ahead.

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Live Streamed: May 30, 2020

Sr. Producer: Cindy Schmidt
Exec. Producer: Brent Stafford

This episode is supported by: DEMAND VAPE

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  1. The right to your own body / freedom argument is perfectly valid. It’s not as convincing to bystanders though. Whereas the reduction in harm is very measurable, and backed up by the scientific consensus. Which is why the ANTZ lobby resorts to rat studies and baloney exaggerations. They’re seriously struggling with the side scares, and hence resort to emotional hysteria. A pretty fragile narrative.

    They’re throwing teenagers under the tobacco relapse bus. And we helped them – for selfish protectionism (“T21 is better than flavour bans”). The resurgence in teen smoking is guaranteed. And it’s not just from quaint access restrictions, or the FUD compaigns. The partial flavour bans will simply shift teen experimentation onto tobacco flavours. And it’s not that hard to guesss what happens if you get
    kids accustomed to tobacco-ish tastes again. But that’s exactly the goal of the ANTZ frontgroups: making the gateway hypothesis come true. And then blame youknowwhom. (Bad prophets usually fulfill their own prophecies.)

    It’s a difficult argument to make, for sure. But if you don’t wanna play defense forever, turning the tables on simpleminded arguments is perfectly fine. And it’s inevitable to replace the pretext youth protection with a bit more genuine concern at some point.


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