For the past 9 years we have run a predictions post, with experts from different fields and different regions sharing their perspective on the future of vaping.

This year’s, which will be published next week, is better than ever, with some truly superb write-ups and analysis from our predictors.

It’s a big article, though, and not everyone will have time to read the whole thing. So for this post I’ve pulled out 7 key themes from the predictions, which provide an overview of the big ideas for vaping in 2022.

1. There will be (more!) regulatory challenges ahead

Jim McDonald of Vaping 360 has written a thorough overview of US regulations. These include a ban on posting vape products and an approval process which changed the bar at the last minute – so far, just one archaic product has been approved. It’s not just the US where regulation is a problem – from Australia to Latin America, poorly thought out rules are putting barriers between smokers and safer nicotine alternatives.

Read full article here.

James Dunworth – Ashtray Blog – 2021-12-16.

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