Risky Regs | Flavour Bans Push Vaping into Black Market | RegWatch

When public health policymakers implement flavour bans or other restrictions to reduce the appeal of nicotine vaping products to youth, inevitably, these interventions have an equivalent impact on adult consumers.

Banning or restricting flavours drastically reduces the appeal of vaping for adults too. And for the over one million adult Canadians who rely on safer nicotine products, a ban on flavours could mean a return to smoking.

Even Health Canada admits to this possible consequence of a national flavour ban.

Joining us today on RegWatch is Daniel David, president of VITA, the Vaping Industry Trade Association of Canada, to discuss the intended and unintended consequences of the proposed flavour ban.

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Released: December 16, 2021
Produced by Brent Stafford

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