Legalization will bring ‘horrendous’ public health hazards, groups warn – A coalition of groups concerned about the health risks associated with marijuana is calling legalization a “dark day for Canada.”

Members of Smart Approaches to Marijuana Canada, Air We Share and Airspace Action on Smoking and Health tried to share the message from the steps of the Vancouver Art Gallery on Wednesday.

Coalition spokesperson Pamela McColl said she believes legalization normalizes a dangerous substance and positions Canada to be the base of the marijuana industry’s global expansion.

“It is a very, very dark day for Canada,” she told a crowd of gathered media.

“The damage that is going to ensue from this policy change will be horrendous in terms of drugged driving, cognitive damage to children, more addiction, more costs. The list goes on,” she said.

McColl said she wants to see regulation tightened to ban smoking marijuana from any multi-unit residence and anywhere that children live.

“It’s Canada Went to Pot Day,” she declared.

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The Canadian Press – October 17, 2018.


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