People are dying. People are sick. Can we get the full story, please?

A pivotal tenant to harm reduction is the dissemination of accurate information about specific risky human behaviors. Broadly, harm reduction can be viewed in various forms. For example, consider how schools have been able to help curtail teen pregnancy and the transmission of sexually transmitted infections among minors with thoughtful and accurate safe sex education.

When you consider the impact that cigarettes have had on the world’s health, safer forms of nicotine delivery fit the agenda. Tobacco harm reduction interventions should eliminate the risks of combustible smoking. Nicotine e-cigarettes, certain oral tobacco products, and even nicotine patches and gums offer much safer means of delivery. In turn, information about nicotine use through these mediums needs to be holistic and accessible.

Inaccurate information dissemination can be seen with the treatment of the recent lung disease outbreak linked to the behavior of vaping. With hundreds of hospitalizations reported across dozens of states, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that its federal scientific investigation is still ongoing.

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Michael McGrady – Vaping Post – September 7, 2019.

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