New Zealand’s vaping industry and tobacco harm reduction experts, believe that the Ministry of Health’s proposal to ban sweeteners in e-liquids would cause a ‘catastrophic disruption’ for those smokers who are relying on flavoured vapes to quit smoking.

VAPO and Alt New Zealand co-owners, Jonathan Devery and Ben Pryor, believe that besides a mass migration from vaping to smoking, banning flavours would also be detrimental to New Zealand’s independent vape industry. The entrepreneurs have submitted their feedback on the Ministry’s draft vaping regulations accordingly.

“Our analysis shows over 95% of the 200-plus flavour concentrates in our manufacturing facility contain some form of sweetening agent. An all-out ban on sweeteners is essentially a total flavour ban, with nearly every vaping product immediately outlawed. Effectively, this proposed regulation kills the industry and local businesses will have no other option but to fold,” said Devery.

They added that there’s no scientific basis whatsoever for the blanket ban. “Vaping products without additives such as sweeteners quite simply results in flavours that will be unpalatable.

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Diane Caruana – VapingPost – 2021-07-22.

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