Opinion: Why are our politicians ignoring experts on booze and drugs?

Every day since COVID-19 struck, we’ve been told that evidence matters, that we need to listen to the scientists and researchers.

Yet, when it comes to drugs, our provincial and municipal governments figure they know better and pay little or no attention. It seems they’d rather give people what they want and damn the consequences.

The B.C. government’s announcements last week that cocktails can now be delivered along with meals and that cannabis stores can now legally do dial-a-dope were greeted enthusiastically. The same has been true of announcements by various municipalities that they are expanding their zones where people can openly drink alcohol.

Cannabis remains mostly a no-go for parks since it falls under the prohibition against smoking — one of the few legal vices deemed worthy of strictly regulating.

But is this good public policy?

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Daphne Bramham – Vancouver Sun – 2021-07-14.

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