The city of Dayton, Ohio, is taking unusual measures to create a healthier environment for its workers.

It has implemented a policy that prohibits city employees hired after July 15 from using nicotine or tobacco. Job candidates will be tested during the screening process, and those who test positive must undergo cessation treatment. If they again test positive at the end of their probationary period, they’ll be fired.

The city defines tobacco and nicotine use as “inhaling, exhaling, burning, vaping, any lighted cigar, cigarette, and e-cigarette or pipe, chewing or any other type of tobacco use.”
There will be no random testing for nicotine or tobacco. Active employees hired after July 15 will be tested only for “reasonable suspicion.”

An employee who tests positive for nicotine or tobacco must undergo treatment to help them quit, or else they could be reprimanded or fired. A second positive test results in immediate dismissal.

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Allen Kim – CNN – August 1, 2019.

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