You may wonder why an American professor accepted an invitation from the Canadian Vaping Association to author an article about e-cigarettes.

In part, it’s because I want to apologize to you for the way my government, which is engaged in a coordinated, expensive campaign to create a tobacco-free society, has wrongfully destroyed the prospect of a smoke-free future for millions. Don’t listen to American health officials, who emphasize only the negatives, untruths, and urban myths. Don’t let their campaign stop you from stepping away from the fire.

Instead, you should follow the lead of Britain’s Royal College of Physicians, one of the world’s oldest and most prestigious medical societies. Nearly 20 years ago, it advised, “as a way of using nicotine, the consumption of non-combustible tobacco is on the order of 10-1,000 times less hazardous than smoking, depending on the product.”

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Dr. Brad Rodu
Professor of Medicine & Endowed Chair of Tobacco Harm Reduction Research, University of Louisville

Health Insight – November 26, 2020.

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