Ecig Strip Search


Incredibly, a school in the United States has conducted a strip search on female students as a teacher hunted for electronic cigarettes.

The action was greeted with outrage by parents of children at Suring High School, and a civil rights lawyer has been contracted following the Suring School Board’s decision not to take any action.

40 parents attended a Suring School Board Meeting following reports of a “student strip search” as teacher hunting for evidence of vaping. The member of staff was looking for e-cigs after she received reports of vaping on the school grounds. The amazing over-reaction provoked outrage from the parents of the six students and others who were also concerned about this ridiculous abuse of authority.

District Superintendent Kelly Capser is reported to have approved of the strip searches, overseen them, and assisted in some of them in conjunction with a female school nurse and a female police officer.

Read full article here.

Dave Cross – Planet of the Vapes – 2022-02-25.

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