On May 7, Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi of Illinois reintroduced his END ENDS Act—a federal bill that would cap e-cigarette nicotine levels at 20 milligrams per milliliter.

The intention was clear: The Ending Nicotine Dependence from Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems Act—“END ENDS”—seeks to decrease the nicotine concentrations in vapes in order to make them less “addictive” and appealing to teenagers.

“Since taking office, I have been committed to fighting the youth vaping epidemic, and setting a cap on e-cigarette nicotine concentrations is a regulatory change that will make these products less addictive,” Rep. Krishnamoorthi, a Democrat and committed opponent of vaping, said in a statement. “The lack of transparency within the vaping industry has led to the false notion that e-cigarette products are harmless, when in reality the higher nicotine in some of these products makes them even more addictive.”

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Alex Norcia – FilterMag – 2021-05-10.

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