L.A. Matheson secondary students share why they vape and how they get their fix

They are illegal for teens to purchase, and banned on school property, but vapes — also known as e-cigarettes — are everywhere at L.A. Matheson Secondary School.

Vapes are small, battery-powered devices that heat liquid — often flavoured and containing nicotine — into a vapour for users to inhale.

In British Columbia, you must be 19 to purchase a vapour product. Health officials warn vaping can cause lung damage, impact brain development, and lead to nicotine addiction.

But, as CBC reporter Jason D’Souza found out, some teens aren’t too worried about the law, or their lungs.

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Bridgette Watson – CBC News – May 30, 2019.

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  1. “P.Y. said that if you opened most student backpacks at Matheson you are likely to find a vape, weed, cigarettes and lighters.”

    And of the three items we see Vape as the big problem?

    “I know it’s bad, but we have access to coke, molly and Xans and we choose not to,” said P.Y., referring to cocaine, MDMA and prescription drugs. “We still try and take care of ourselves.”

    This does not concern anyone?
    She did not mention Alcohol. One of the most life wrecking Addictions known to man. But we should all focus on vape because that’s the big one.

    Please wake up people and put the energy and Taxpayers money on the stuff that really hurts our children.
    I am sorry but I can’t help come to the conclusion that Big money is what is driving this Campaign.


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