The latest Gallup survey on smoking and vaping shows that young people are still more likely to vape than to smoke cigarettes—a trend first noticed in the 2018 Gallup survey measuring smoking and vaping trends. That’s encouraging for harm reduction advocates, considering the organized efforts in recent years to frighten vapers away from the practice.

Among Americans aged 18-29, 17% reported vaping during the past week, while 14% reported smoking cigarettes. In the group aged 30-49, just 5% vaped, while 20% smoked. Among those aged between 50-64, 19% smoked cigarettes, and only 2% vaped.

Among all adults, 6% vaped and 16% smoked. Men were slightly more likely to smoke or vape than women.

In the 2019 Gallup survey—conducted just before the “EVALI” outbreak that led to panic over vaping—the vaping results showed each age group and the combined group vaping at a rate 2-3 percentage points higher.

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Jim McDonald – Vaping360 – 2021-08-29.

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