“Tobacco Harm-Reduction Experts” are pushing WHO to loosen its stance on new tobacco products, such as e-cigarettes, heated tobacco products and nicotine pouches.

These products are falsely marketed as safer and more sustainable options to deadly cigarettes, misleading consumers, media and international institutions.

Prior to COP9 to the WHO FCTC, over 40 organizations and professors from all continents urge delegates and policymakers to acknowledge nicotine addiction – in all forms – as a threat to global sustainable development, and to protect the future of the world´s young generation.

Lifeline of the tobacco industry

Smoking prevalence is declining in many high-income countries as a result of measures for tobacco control and health awareness. The cigarette business is threatened and the tobacco industry´s response is to develop new tobacco and nicotine products, which can appeal to new customers.

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Helen Stjerna – The Bussels Times – 2021-11-10.

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