Rightwing academic enlists failed Ukip MEP candidate Carl Benjamin to test subscription-only platform

Jordan Peterson, the controversial academic, has launched a new anti-censorship website that will only take down offensive content if specifically ordered to by a US court.

The psychology professor from Toronto said that Carl Benjamin, the failed Ukip MEP candidate who speculated about raping the Labour MP Jess Phillips, had agreed to test the subscription-only site, named Thinkspot.

Peterson has a cult following among rightwingers for controversial views about identity politics and has become a hate figure for many on the left. Earlier this year the University of Cambridge rescinded an offer of visiting fellowship to Peterson after backlash from staff and students.

Peterson said he hoped the site would be a censorship-free alternative to Patreon, an online membership service that at one stage made the Canadian $80,000 per month.

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Matthew Weaver – The Guardian – June 13, 2019.

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